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By Alice
The following files have been added to the SoundVault:

Deadly's Text, 24.02.12 [download] - Deadly aka Nathan texts in to the Golden Hour.

JLS Duck Register, 01.10.10 [download] - JLS help Chris and Dave read out listeners' names in the Duck Register.

Blow Me Fan [download] - Keep cool with this great new product!

Nick Grimshaw Chat, 12.07.12 [download] - Nick Grimshaw visits to talk about his new role as successor to Chris in hosting the breakfast show.

Name That TV Theme Tune, 23.09.10 [download] - Another game of name that TV theme tune, hosted by Aled.

Alan Carr on Work Experience, 23.09.10 [download] - Alan Carr joins the team on work experience, including making the tea, practising introducing records without crashing the vocal, and prepping the callers on Car Park Catchphrase.

Sat and Mon shows are up

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